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Friday, 26 May 2017

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Game

Review: Turok Dinosaur Hunter Game Initially released on N64 this game was one of the first to prove the real power of Nintendo console.  But being ported to the PC it remained misunderstood by most players.

Despite the fact that formally Turok is a representative of the FPS genre its dynamics are radically different from most other representatives of this genre.  Despite the ubiquitous fog (the legacy is limited in the resources of N64) for its time the world of the game is extraordinarily beautiful.  Overflowing water in which fish swim overflowing waterfalls whipping and flowing on the walls of the blood fascinating explosions and other effects that were superior to anything that was in other FPS of that time.  Add to this fourteen types of weapons (starting with the AK-47 and the minigun and not ending with a four-barrel rocket and plasma rifle) impressive opponents (especially bosses) and a complex level architecture to get the gorgeous game.  And you would have received it if not for your shortcomings.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Game Overview:

The disadvantages of Turok are divided into two categories the features of the gameplay and the limitations of N64 with which it was transferred without any changes to the PC.

The first category refers to the need to return to each episode several times in order to gain access to previously inaccessible zones with newly acquired abilities.  For some this can be extremely exciting but this feature is also able to scare off fans of straightforward passage.  You almost do not have to aim - in the game runs autotuning which was originally intended to make life easier for the player with the joeypad.  In addition as in any arcade your brave Indian will have to collect gold medals for every hundred of which he will receive an additional life.

More From Turok Dinosaur Hunter Game:

The second category includes the aforementioned fog as well as the rapid disappearance of corpses and the appearance of (respawn) opponents.  Also anywhere you will not be saved - you will have to look for special totems where this becomes possible.

According to the volume of the text Turok's shortcomings outweigh its merits but in fact it is not.  Turok is a very curious project with which everyone who is not indifferent to this genre should get acquainted.
Turok Dinosaur Hunter Game

Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game

Review: Raptor Call of the Shadows is a computer game in the genre of vertical scroll shooter developed by Cygnus Studios (now renamed Mountain King Studios) and released by Apogee Software in 1994 exclusively for IBM PC and operating system  MS-DOS.  In 1999 the game was re-released by Mountain King Studios as a version for the Windows operating system.  This version is not distributed to Apogee Software.

Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game Overview:

There are shareware versions of the game for both versions including the first episode.  The full version remains available for purchase in electronic form on the developer and publisher sites but the "boxed" version of the game is no longer available.

More From Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game:

The game consists of three sectors (episodes) - Bravo Sector Tango Sector and Outer Regions.  Each of them includes nine missions ("waves") thus all in a game of 27 levels.  A player can start the game from any episode but passing them in order simplifies the game since the episodes have increasing complexity.  After the passage of the sector the player can begin his repeated passage with the preservation of all the collected money and weapons and with increasing complexity.  Thus the game in fact is infinite.

The action of the first sector occurs in a terrain resembling the Middle East.  The background consists of prairies with rare forests and rivers as well as facilities associated with the extraction and processing of oil.  In the last level of the sector the player must destroy the oil rig Lithos Petroleum one of the competitors of MegaCorps.

The second sector includes levels that take place in different places.  They include a large chemical factory an agriculture a jungle a city and an airbase.  In the last level of the sector the player destroys the ancient palace and fights with a giant airplane.  Divided into three parts.

Levels of the last sector are located on different planets and include the surface of the Moon a red planet similar to Mars ice and volcanic worlds.  In the last level of the sector and game the action takes place at the space station.
Opponents at the levels are represented in the form of air and ground equipment.  Also there are destroyed buildings.  At the end of each level and in the middle of the late levels there is a battle with the boss.  When you destroy goals the player receives money.  After each level a store is available where the player can spend money to purchase weapons and other improvements for his fighter.
Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game

Bloodsports TV Game

Review: Gameplay :- Bloodsports TV Game TV features a departure from the squad-based real-time strategy gameplay of Krater: Shadows Over Solside, and replaces it with that of an MOBA. The player takes control of one of a number of Gladiators, alone or together with up to 4 other players, and loads into an arena. After a short time, waves of enemies will come out and the Gladiators will have to defeat them. After all outlaws are defeated, the players have a short time to restore their health, purchase upgrades, and do side-objectives. Then the next waves comes. At waves 4, 7, and 10 there is a special boss wave.

Bloodsports TV Game Overview:

The Bloodsports TV Game features 5 difficulty levels (Amateur League, Pro League, Master League, and Apocalympics) with several sub-difficulties for each level. The game also features 4 different game lengths; 4 waves, 7 waves, 10 waves, and Endless Mode.
Polygon said “Bloodsports.TV turns slaughtering a village into a fun reality show”.
Matulef, Jeffrey. "Fatshark shows off game play of its five-player dungeon crawler Bloodsports.TV". Eurogamer. Retrieved 2015-03-23.
Crecente, Brian. "Bloodsports TV turns slaughtering a village into a fun reality show MOBA". Polygon. Retrieved 2015-03-24.
Bloodsports TV Game

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Joe’s Diner Game

Review: Joe Cocker full name John Robert Cocker May 20 1944 Sheffield England - December 22 2014 Crawford Colorado 4) is a British singer who worked in the genres of blues and rock.  4  Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Joe’s Diner Game Overview:

His calling card was a low hoarse baritone 5 6 7.  The pearls of his repertoire are the blues and rock ballads "Summer in the City" "My Father's Son" "Unchain My Heart" "You Can Leave Your Hat On" "You Are So Beautiful" "Now That the Magic Has  Gone "" N'oubliez jamais "and" Up Where We Belong " sounded in the film" Officer and Gentleman "and won the" Oscar "as the best song of the year as well as the Grammy Award.

More From Joe’s Diner Game:

He was considered one of the most vocal strong performers of the last half-century;  In 1999 the British magazine Mojo 8 and in 2008 - the American Rolling Stone 9 included it in their lists of "100 greatest singers in history."
First success

In 1968 he recorded his own version of Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends" which reached the top of the national sales chart in November 11.

In the spring of 1969 the "Grease Band" went on their first tour of the United States.  The album "With a Little Help from My Friends" was released shortly after arriving in America and took 35th place in the US charts.

In August 1969 his performance was one of the nails of the festival in Woodstock.  The following year the singer assembled the group "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" ("Mad Dogs & Englishmen") and went on tour in America 12.  For 56 days along with his retinue consisting of more than forty people Coker traveled 48 cities and gave 52 concerts.

In the 1970s Cocker experienced problems with the repertoire in which the songs of other performers predominated.  In addition he was addicted to drugs and alcohol regularly appearing on stage in a state of light drunk.  Due to the abuse of alcohol his once powerful voice turned into an extremely hoarse baritone 11.  This did not prevent him in 1982 in a duet with Jennifer Warnes to conquer the American charts with the slow ballad "Up Where We Belong" followed by other songs in a similar style.  The song "Up Where We Belong" was sounded in the film "Officer and Gentleman" and received an Oscar and a Grammy Award in the nomination "Best Vocal Pop Performance by a Duet or Group" 13.  Throughout the 80's Cocker finds his own sound at the junction of blues rock and soft rock and releases a number of successful albums.

Cocker was one of the few Vudstokov's "veterans" who performed (and successfully) on Woodstock '94.  Coke's little-known song "Woman to Woman" was reworked by rap producer Dr. Dre for Tupac Shakur in the hit "California Love" which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1996 14 and was included in the list of "500 greatest songs of all time according to the magazine  Rolling Stone ».

Joe’s Diner Game

Turning Point Fall Of Liberty Game

Review: Turning Point Fall of Liberty offers an explosive FPS experience in a world where famous sights and sights appear surprisingly different under Nazi occupation and will pose a very personal new battle for players on their own terrain.  As Dan Carson a reluctant construction worker in New York City became a fighter for freedom players must survive the initial invasion before regrouping with other members of the United States resistance to take the fight to the Nazis.  Always manned and armed players have to use a handful of guerrilla tactics while attempting to stop the well-known war machine of the world.
Turning Point Fall Of Liberty Game
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